A Product Manager Learns to Code: Week 2

During Week 1, I thought I was flying through this course.

Now I realize, that was the super easy stuff, and it's taking me longer and longer to get through the modules now. 

This week was all CSS.

learn to code 2.jpg

    Accomplishments for Week 2: 

    1. I learned about Selectors and Declarations in CSS
    2. Use . for classes, # for ids...
    3. I can now use developer tools to edit HTML and CSS files directly in a browser
    4. I learned how to keep a separate style sheet and link to it from the HTML file (woo-hoo!)


    1. If I'm struggling with linking a CSS stylesheet, I'm still baffled at how ridiculously smart my machine learning engineers are. Seriously, how did they learn all that stuff?
    2. This does get fun once you get the hang of it!
    3. I felt really cool using developer tools. Sure, I was only doing (very) simple things, but having only used Inspect Element to grab hex codes when needed in the past, I felt really smart actually editing code inside of dev tools!
    4. If you want to learn to code, you need to do a little every single day. I took three days off this week, because I started (and then subsequently quit) my MBA on Wednesday, and am now catching up on the weekend. Consistency is the key, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. 

    Ah-ha! Moment of the Week:

    1. Oh, Syntax! Syntax is often the issue. I kept putting a comma after my CSS attributes instead of a semicolon, and this stumped me on several quizzes for hours. Embarrassing.