A Product Manager Learns to Code: Week 3

I finished up the CSS section this week and am now into the 'real' stuff - JavaScript.

I'm glad I started with markup (HTML and CSS) because JavaScript feels a lot more like actual programming - I mean math and stuff.

code week 3.jpg

Accomplishments for Week 3: 

  1. HTML and CSS are referred to as 'markup' languages, so JavaScript is the first actual programming language we’re learning in the GrowWithGoogle course.
  2. I learned how to use the console in developer tools to test out JavaScript in the browser. Whoa! If you know how to code, you're probably rolling your eyes at me... but I found this quite exciting. I've used Inspect Element for years at my job, but it's fun to play with actually manipulating code in the console live.
  3. Basic JavaScript - Use quotes to signify a string - var name = "Kimberly"
  4. How to declare/ define a variable ^^. Pumped about this! I can declare variables! Look at me!


  1. You can use either double quotes “" or single quotes ‘’ to signify a string in JavaScript. I don’t know why this blew my mind. I get to choose!?
  2. Try to dedicate time every day. I skipped two days this week because of podcast recording, and I say it's must better to keep up daily, even if you can only do 15-20 minutes a day.
  3. In the very beginning, it's important to start with small wins. Like, very small. It's encouraging. This is what I was missing when I tried to learn to code before. I started right off the bat with bigger problems, and I didn't know where to start. I got frustrated and quit. Even if you're just cutting and pasting some simple equations into the console ("1" == 1) and getting back a result (true!), it's important to see you can make things work from the beginning.

Ah-ha! Moment of the Week:

  1. Adding strings together is called ‘concatenating’.  I’ve heard this word for years and never understood exactly what it meant. I knew it meant connecting things together, but didn't realize it literally means adding strings together in code.
Me trying to do something in JavaScript on a Saturday morning. I haven't figured it out yet.

Me trying to do something in JavaScript on a Saturday morning. I haven't figured it out yet.