Ep.22: Jobs to be Done - An Important Product Management Theory

Brian Rhea did a presentation Jobs-to-be-Done theory, and I wanted to share it with my podcast listeners.

I had never heard of Jobs-to-be-Done before seeing Brian’s presentation, and now I'm obsessed. It's changed the way I think about my product its features. Use this theory when you’re scoping out requirements, thinking about your product's competitors, and especially working with your UX team.


0:20: Intro Brian Rhea, Alexa vs. Google Mini
10:45: Cool Stuff or Bull Stuff
13:52: Acronomicon + Puns
15:45: Listener Question: Prioritizing features, what MVP actually means
20:05: JTBD
20:40: JTBD Framework Origins + The Milkshake Story
24:20: JTBD Use Cases
30:20: Forces of Progress + Changing Customer Behavior
36:00: Innovation vs. ‘repackaging'Guest Link:

Brian Rhea, hirebrianrhea.com 
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