The Ultimate List of Machine Learning Articles for Product Managers

Looking to learn a little bit more about Machine Learning?

Here's a short list of up-to-date articles that I found super helpful in getting up to speed on these topics. 

  1. A Step-by-Step PM Guide to Building Machine Learning Based Products - If you only ever read ONE article on ML as a product manager, this is the one. It's in 6 parts, but well worth the time investment to read it all the way through!
  2. Machine Learning for Humans - Written in plain-English and accompanied by real-world examples. I love this article. This is a 5-part article, so make sure you have an hour to read it.
  3. Clustering - Clustering is an important concept in unsupervised learning, a type of machine learning. This article breaks it down visually.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of Economic Inequality - This is basically the plot of the 2013 movie Elysium with Matt Damon. Terrible movie, BTW. But it doesn't change the fact that AI could lead to an even greater gap between rich and poor in the (not-so-far-away) future. 
  5. Machine Learning for Predicting the Unknown - A fun, quick read, particularly for product managers that work in the analytics (and predictive analytics) space.