3 (Customizable) New Years Resolutions for Every Product Manager

I’m the type of person that makes resolutions at the dawn of every new year. Yesterday I looked back through my resolutions over the past 5 years, and I found all of them follow clear themes; my resolutions have essentially been variations of the same three key items year after year.

Here are three New Years Resolutions that every product manager can customize to meet their goals this year.


1 - Learn a new skill

I set a goal to learn a new skill every year. This is really important since working in tech means you constantly have to learn new things. My 2019 theme is Data Science. I just finished a quick-course to brush up on SQL (which I haven’t used in a couple of years), and I’m still deciding which Data Science course to sign up for post-ski-season.

If you’re searching for a new skill to learn, check out my Ultimate List of Free Online Classes for Product Managers on Medium. I’m updating it for 2019!

2 - Set 1- and 5-year career goals

I know it sounds a little cheesy to write down career goals, but it’s really helpful to keep a record year over year. It’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come. Even if your goal is to climb slowly, writing down goals of where you want to go longer-term will help you visualize it.

Career goals don’t have to focus only on title and comp. Last year mine revolved around industry, personal happiness, and work-life balance. I keep these goals in an Evernote and reference them about once a week to keep myself on track.

3 - Focus on meeting new product people

Some call this ‘networking.’ I just like to get out there and meet other product managers (and developers… and all other tech folks). Networking is arduous work for the introverted… but when you’re in a pinch and need your network, you’ll be happy you put in the time to build it.

You’ll learn as much for a 10-minute conversation with a data scientist as you would in an online course - and you’re more likely to remember it!