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What is a Software Product Manager?

Product managers provide business direction for the product, and make sure the dev and engineering teams deliver on product's requirements and roadmap.

A product manager defines:

  • what the product is
  • why the product is being built
  • when the engineering team will build it 

Product managers also:

  • provide a roadmap for their product (so everyone on the team has direction)
  • perform competitive research (so we know that our product is competitive)
  • identify opportunities (because we know the technical side of our product AND the market we're competing in)
  • provide strategy and go-to-market planning (because someone needs to buy this product, or we're out of business)

Resources for Product Managers:

The best online classes for software product management: 

You can also read my blog or listen to the Product Popcorn podcast for weekly product management inspiration.